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We help you with interior consultancy, followed by completing the concept through cane furniture, wicker furniture and rattan furniture. With an experienced in-house team, we can turn almost any idea into reality.

Our mission is to offer our consumers not only the most extensive collection of home furniture and furnishings, but also to provide the best prices and most outstanding customer service and satisfaction levels in the market.

We invite you to take full advantage of our timeless designs, talented artisans and premium materials.

The distinction between sticks and canes is based on the materials used; sticks were made of ivory, whalebone, ebony and other valuable woods. Canes were made from Malacca or rattan, bamboo and other hardy reeds. Quality canes spoke volumes about a person’s wealth and social status.

After the 1600s, canes became fashionable for men to carry as part of their daily attire. New rules of etiquette were formed during this time. To break this code of behavior was considered a violation of good manners. In 1702, the men of London were required to have a license in order to carry a walking stick or cane. Cane use was considered a privilege, and gentlemen had to abide by those rules or lose the privilege



Wicker furniture sets are liked by one and all. They create an enthusiastic space, allowing you to enjoy, relax and spend time with your loved ones outdoors. Our Wicker products are built to stay safe from the harsh rays of sunlight and other weather conditions. They need less maintenance as compared to other types of furniture. We are amongst the noted Wicker furniture manufacturers dealing in exclusive range of various Wicker furniture, ranging from garden loungers, garden sofa sets, sun beds, patio living sets, dining sets and bar sets. You can enjoy shopping for your wide needs all at one single destination, that too at discounted rates.


Designed in sync with the prevailing trends, our Blinds are known for providing an exotic appeal to the decor. We provide our PVC Blinds in a wide variety of sophisticated designs and patterns. Also, our blinds is well polished to ensure long life and maximum resistance to termite attacks and moisture.